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Catholicans is an initiative of three Catholic youth from Kerala. We aspire to reach, even the remote parts across India to spread the Gospel of Christ. Together, let’s evangelise the culture, by making Catholicism a part of everyday life!

What Do We Do?

At Catholicans, we make available Catholic merchandise for both national and international shoppers. Along with books from Indian and International publishers, we attempt to provide religious items like Crosses, Scapulars and Rosaries that are a must-have for every Catholic. Our collection of Catholic Merchandise includes T-shirts, apparel and other gift items.

Mission & Vision

Our ultimate goal at Catholicans is to familiarise our Indian shoppers with the International Publications at a very reasonable price when compared to the other shopping websites. Evangelising the Culture is Our Priority. Through T-shirts, apparel and other items that remind people about the presence of God, we want Our Faith to enter every domain of life.

History Of Us

It was in an unsuccessful journey seeking a famous Catholic book that our attention was brought to the fact that there is a shortage of books that help us nurture our Faith. It prompted us to take up an action to make available what the people of faith required. And thus Catholicans was decided to be formed, making a space to provide all the religious items you'll need under a single umbrella.

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